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Clear Copy Editing can assist you with a variety of projects, including:


· book manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction)

· short stories

· magazine/journal articles

· brochures and newsletters

· web pages and websites

· business reports

· advertising copy

· academic papers and essays

· cover letters


If you have written it, I can edit it!


As a former medical librarian, I am also very competent with medical and health care terminology.


You have worked hard to get your thoughts, ideas and words down into written form. Your next step is

to refine your work into a final product. Clear Copy Editing can assist you in polishing your piece of writing

and making it shine. It is important to have a fresh pair of eyes read through your manuscript. It is best

if they are the eyes of an objective professional.


The quality of your written presentation has a major impact on how it is received. Even if you have great ideas, they may not be recognized if they are not clearly and capably expressed. Proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and sentence structure are essential, as are the more creative aspects such as overall structure, word choice, description, emphasis, point of view, continuity and the flow of ideas.


My goal is to guide you to a cohesive, well-written product that showcases your ideas and creativity. My work

is meant to be invisible in that the finished product, especially fiction writing, should still reflect your personal style.


You have come to the right place for personalized, professional editing services at an affordable rate. I will

take a personal interest in your manuscript or project. I want to help you succeed.


Please browse through my website.  I look forward to working with you!

























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Clear Copy Editing

Barbara C. Beattie

Sarasota, Florida




From satisfied



“I found Clear Copy Editing to be a very thorough service in all aspects of the editing process and dedicated to producing a manuscript of the highest quality.”

--Henry Hoffman

Author, Drums Along the Jacks Fork



“Clear Copy Editing has exceeded our expectations in every way.”

--Shoaf and Associates, Inc.




“Barbara didn’t miss a detail and provided an objective perspective that was invaluable to my manuscript. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the excellent support and expertise that I received.”

--Ryan Shaw

Communication Planners